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Johannes Puro - Platform economy
Platform economy creates unfair competitive advantage to your company
Elina Koskipahta - Lighting
The Goliath Crane of Meyer Turku hides in an intelligent lighting system – The LED technology provided by Easy LED brings sustainable light
Elina Koskipahta - Indoor air
Poor indoor air causes concern and a variety of symptoms – SmartWatcher’s advanced measurement technology replaces doubts with real time data
Elina Koskipahta - Wastewater treatment
Predictive analytics minimize emissions and chemical consumption in industrial wastewater treatment
Johannes Puro - Ecological package material
Plastic waste problem drives cosmetics manufacturers to use biodegradable packaging
Johannes Puro - Compressed air
Oil free compressed air as a service belongs to the future of industrial production
Elina Koskipahta - District heating
Fourdeg’s smart project connects water radiators to the cloud – A novel heating service helps to reduce waste heat and CO2 emissions
Johannes Puro - Solar energy
How to reduce electric costs and gain tax benefits by doing so? With solar energy as a Service
Elina Koskipahta - Cooling
The Home of Cool disrupts the cooling industry with an electrically powered innovation that was not considered possible
Elina Koskipahta - Power ultrasound
The Slush 100 winner solves a global fouling problem worth billions
Elina Koskipahta - Internet of Things
The next level of recycling biowaste: An IoT-enhanced compost guides the user on how to maintain it optimally
Johannes Puro - Biodegradable plastic
The three solutions to the plastic waste problem – Welmu International impacts with wood based biodegradable plastic film